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Fortuna Entertainment Group espouses a wholly responsible approach to betting. It strictly operates within the confines of the law in the countries where it is active and, contrary to “virtual” online operators, it is also a regular taxpayer in all locations. In relation to the local regulations, it turns over a certain percentage of its earnings to purposes for the common good.

Fixed-odds betting is radically different from the practice of gambling. The fixed-odds betting sector offers what can be an integral part of the enjoyment derived from sport while also serving as a major source of funding for sport clubs. It is Fortuna's aim to entertain people who enjoy sport and support specific teams and sportspeople. The average sum a bettor spends per month tends to be low and, therefore, fixed-odds betting has a very limited impact as regards the potential onset of an addiction. The percentage of players usually considered problematic in terms of dependence is, according to the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), somewhere between 0.5 and 3 percent.

Fortuna Entertainment Group is one of the founding members of the Czech Association of Fixed-Odds Betting Operators (Asociace provozovatelů kursového sázení – APKURS). This groups the largest Czech companies active in the sport betting sector. The association has set itself the purpose of contributing towards fair dealings, transparent financial flows and adherence to the law in their line of business. In Poland, the group was instrumental in the formation of the Polish Association of Operators and Employees of Bookmakers (Stowarzyszenie Pracodawców i Pracowników Firm Bukmacherskich). In Slovakia, Fortuna is a member of the Association of Lottery and Fixed-Odds Betting Operators in the Slovak Republic (Asociácie spoločností prevádzkujúcich číselné hry a kurzové stávky v Slovenskej republike).