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Fortuna provides assistance

Fortuna contributes to a range of publicly beneficial projects. In the Czech Republic, the group is legally entitled to channel these resources towards specific recipients, while in other countries the state decides upon the allotment of these funds. Konto Bariery and Centrum Paraple are among the organisations that enjoy Fortuna's long-lasting support.

Konto Bariéry

Konto Bariéry is a well-established organisation which has already for more than 16 years helped to improve the lives of disabled people.

Centrum Paraple

Fortuna has been cooperating with Centrum Paraple practically since its inception in 1994. The centre helps people, who have suffered paralysis as a result of an injury to their spinal cord, to adjust to their new life situation, improve their physical and mental state of health and achieve the highest possible level of independence and self-sufficiency. This organisation's most visible activity is probably the “Běh pro paraple” (Run for Paraple) charity event in which Fortuna participates every year. This event seeks to raise interest with regard to physically handicapped people and to improve commonly-held attitudes towards these people.