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Strategy & Values


We want to provide entertainment for our customers, who like sport, follow sport events, pursue sport as a hobby, and bet on their favourite teams.


In particular, we are focusing on consolidating our leading position on the betting market in the Central European region. We are putting our efforts and resources into innovations that leave customers and shareholders in no doubt that the Fortuna Entertainment Group is the main market mover.


The Fortuna Entertainment Group fully respects and abides by national and European regulatory standards. We appreciate the need for regulation and therefore also support a stable and transparent legislative environment, which allows for fair competition between all entities operating on the market. On the markets on which it operates, the company is an active member of professional associations and cooperates with governments and parliaments in the creation of legislation related to fixed-odds betting.

Responsible betting

The Fortuna Entertainment Group endorse responsible betting and actively participates in projects whose main aim is to introduce responsible betting whilst emphasising the observance of an age limit. The group has adopted this approach on all markets. You can find out more information about specific activities in the Responsibility section.

Supporting sport

Because of betting on sport events, the Fortuna Entertainment Group is a natural partner for sport clubs. Besides traditional sponsorship activities, the company also provides financial resources to disabled sportspeople and supports the development of regional sport with grants. You can find out more information about these activities in the Responsibility section.