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The Fortuna Entertainment Group accepts the reasonable regulation of the betting sector. It supports a non-discriminative framework that allows customers to have access to services offered by serious market players. It believes that customers should have the option of choosing from operators who offer the highest standards in terms of security and customer care. This goal can be achieved through regulated and fair competition. Consequently, the Fortuna Entertainment Group supports a stable and transparent environment, which creates equal opportunities for all entities on the market.

At present, regulation comes fully under the purview of individual states. So far, no consensus has been reached at a European Union level which would lead to rules being set for this business. Nevertheless, it is possible to anticipate that the situation will change in time in tandem with the increasing share of online betting on the market.

Through its membership of interest groups and associations, the Fortuna Entertainment Group is prepared to participate in preparing amendments to existing laws as well as in public debates concerning possible legislative proposals.


Czech Republic

Act No. 186/2016 of the Collection of Laws, on lotteries and other similar games

Act no. 186/2016 Coll. on gambling is the main legal instrument regulating gambling. The act entered into force on January 1, 2017



Act No.. 171/2005 of the Collection of Laws, on gambling

The situation has stabilised here with regard to betting. Legal amendments that are under discussion should not have a fundamental impact on market conditions. Online betting has been permitted here since 2007.



Ustawa o grach hazardowych (Dz. U. z 2009 r. Nr 201, poz. 1540)

A new law came into effect as of 1 January 2010. This legislation increases from 10% to 12% the taxes that betting companies must deduct from their income from betting. This represents an acceptable hike for the Fortuna Entertainment Group. Existing legislation does not allow online betting, but the Polish parliament is looking at the possibility of permitting online betting exclusively for Polish companies, which is something the Fortuna Entertainment Group would welcome. At the same time, it would also enter this sector without delay.