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The Fortuna Entertainment Group has an extensive network of physical outlets comprising approximately 1 600 betting shops. This gives Fortuna an opportunity to communicate directly with its customers and to offer them personal contact, which is something internet operators simply cannot offer. For the most part, Fortuna’s yellow-coloured branches are placed in main streets, underpasses and shopping centres. The branch network is constantly monitored in terms of results and changing customer preferences in specific localities.

The group’s oldest branch and flagship is Fortuna Klub U Nováků, where punters traditionally meet while watching live broadcasts of matches. The network of outlets also includes so-called “Fortunkas”, a franchise-based concept whereby Fortuna betting terminals are placed in bars and restaurants.

Kiosks are also part of the branch network. These are free-standing terminals with a screen that speeds up and simplifies the procedures for punters. These are primarily being planned for “Fortunkas” in the future.

Development of the number of betting outlets