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The founding company FORTUNA sázková kancelář a.s. (“FORTUNA Betting Office, joint-stock co.”) was established as far back as 1990 in Prague, and it became one of the first-ever joint-stock companies in the former Czechoslovakia after the Velvet Revolution. It was founded by four private individuals headed by Michal Horáček. The company's first branch was opened in the same year. Terno, a Slovak sister company, was established a year later. It was founded by the Czech company FORTUNA sázková kancelář a.s. together with Richard Müller and Igor Nosko.


Milestones in the company’s history

1990 FORTUNA sázková kancelář a.s. is established in Czechoslovakia, first branch opens
1991 the Terno a.s. sister company is established in Slovakia
1995 switch to electronic communication via modems at branches
2005 Penta Investments becomes owner of the group
the group expands into the Polish market with the acquisition of Poland’s Profesionał betting office
2006 communication in real time between branch and bookmaker
2007 online betting is launched in Slovakia
telephone betting in the Czech Republic
2009 online betting is launched in the Czech Republic
2010 Fortuna Entertainment Group holding is established, online betting market entry made in Hungary via the FortunaWin platform, launch of online betting in Croatia, lottery licence obtained in the Czech Republic